From Reels to Screens: Brooks Brothers’ Social CTV Brand Cohesion

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Brooks Brothers
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Brooks Brothers, a luxury clothing company since 1818, has a strong digital presence. However, the brand wanted to capture even more brand awareness outside of the social walled garden.

After posting two high-quality Instagram Reels in early October 2023, the luxury clothing brand, in collaboration with Tinuiti and Spaceback, decided to launch a Social CTV campaign. Because Spaceback’s platform can produce production-ready creatives within minutes, Brooks Brothers was able to go to market with those two Reels within 2 weeks of their initial posting on Instagram, maintaining a cohesive presence across multiple digital platforms.

Even after running two Social CTV creatives for one month, Brooks Brothers certainly achieved its goal of establishing more brand awareness. It served 2.6 M impressions with over a 98% VCR. This was also the brand’s first time incorporating QR codes into a campaign.

We were pleased with the speed at which our creatives were ready to launch. This was our first time using Social CTV and QR codes, and we were very happy with the results. Spaceback enabled Brooks Brothers to connect with our audience in an even more immersive way. We’re looking forward to utilizing Spaceback’s Social CTV solutions again.
Brooks Brothers
This was the first Social CTV campaign Tinuiti has run, and we couldn’t be happier with how it went. From helping Brooks Brothers launch its newest social content on CTV to seeing the incredibly successful results, I will definitely be recommending Social CTV to our other clients.
– Rachel Sarasin
Strategist, Programmatic Display, Tinuiti