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Video Completion Rate
1 Week
From inception to Launch
Cheaper CPMs than Video Retargeting
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Ergatta is a company that produces game-based rowers designed for the living room. The fitness equipment company was focusing on its retargeting campaigns, but the CPMs were high. When looking at the content Ergatta has across the digital space, there are plenty of well-produced videos on its social media accounts, including best practices for its rower, rowing tips, and a true visualization of how rowing can be a competitive game with Ergatta.

In order to reach new audiences outside of the walled gardens, the brand needed a new method of targeting potential customers looking to work out in the convenience of their own homes. What better way to achieve this than to target audiences by utilizing the largest screen in the home with CTV advertising?

Partnering with Spaceback, Ergatta leveraged Instagram Reels to authentically recreate them as Social CTV ads. Using the same content that performed well on social proved to be successful in the CTV environment. Additionally, the CPMs for this campaign were half the cost of its retargeting campaigns, resulting in a cost-efficient strategy for Ergatta. Therefore, Spaceback’s Social CTV helped Ergatta leverage the availability of targeting that can drive down-funnel performance over time.

TV proved to be a powerful new tool in our tool belt to drive awareness and surprisingly conversions thanks to Spaceback’s platform which gives us the power to build CTV creative quickly.
– Tom Aulet
Co-Founcer & CEO at Ergatta