Three Breaks Through Digital Noise with Social Display

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Mobile • Network Provider • Telecommunications
Three UK Spaceback Social Display Instagram Creative


Increase in CTR compared to benchmarks
Higher engagement rate over campaign goals
Social Display creatives generated instantly


Three, a UK-based network provider, had a goal of reaching those in the market for a new sim card or handset on competitor networks with Three’s latest offerings. Additionally, Zenith & APEX, the agency working with Three, had expectations of reaching a 0.10% CTR, as this is the average CTR for standard display campaigns run with Mobsta.


In order for Zenith & APEX to expand audience reach and awareness, Three needed to stand out from the noise. Collaborating with Three, Mobsta recommended leveraging the company’s Facebook posts as Social Display ads using Spaceback’s creative automation technology.


Campaigns that Mobsta run with standard MPU have a 0.10% CTR benchmark. However, in Zenith & APEX’s Social Display campaign with Three and Mobsta, the creatives surpassed this benchmark with a CTR of 0.18%. The engagement rate was also 1.8x higher than the campaign goal. And, Three was able to have 6 creatives generated instantly by authentically recreating Facebook posts for programmatic.